Mathru Hospitals Facilities


Paediatric Care

It’s quite miserable and stressful to watch when our child is unwell; putting the right care in place, to support and grow with your child can make all the difference. We aim to provide a comprehensive service for your child’s healthcare needs. Our simple motto is to provide Experienced quality healthcare services with clinical excellence and compassion for your child.

Pulmonary Care

We aim to provide a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and complete treatment of the respiratory disorders, as we possess a specialized team of pulmonologists for the complete eradication of any sort of respiratory diseases. Our pulmonologists have expertise in a wide range of breathing and lung conditions and our team is on hand to quickly respond to the needs of any patient experiencing breathing trouble, whether it is temporary or chronic.

General Surgery

We at Mathru Hospital,Bangalore,owns vast and superficially experienced general surgeons who focuses and executes treatment with compassion and utmost care giving desirable results and by adding quality to life. Our general surgeons are trained to provide surgical care for the patients. They are expertise in communication and collaboration, healthcare management and continuing professional development.


We provide comprehensive specialised care for woman during pregnancy and childbirth i.e. the stage of maternity and also provide extreme and utmost care for newborn infants protecting them from all the hazardous and dreadful diseases, they come in contact with.

Diabetics Care

We aim to provide comprehensive diabetic care in the supervised & systematic treatment for the patients surviving from Diabetes. Proper and accurate cares is a must in diabetes and our expert professionals are completely qualified and experienced for the better treatment.

Cancer Care

We aim to provide a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and complete treatment Cancer of all kinds, as we possess a specialized team of Oncologists for the complete eradication and prevention of cancer. Cancer patients needs extra and better care as they suffer physically, mentally and emotionally and our expert Oncologists provide that experienced quality care for our diligent patients.

Cardiac Care

We at Mathru Hospital, Bangalore possess superficially experienced Cardiologists who focus and execute treatment with compassion and utmost care with disorders of the heart as well as of the circulatory system.


The Intensive Care Unit at Mathru Hospital, Bangalore is a completely spacious and well-equipped centre for providing the best treatment for the people suffering from the severe and lifethreatening illnesses.

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